Red Flags To Help You Avoid Taking on Bad Copywriting Projects

There’s never a time in your copy career where you should turn off your screening process. Even though you’re working for yourself and you don’t have a ‘boss’ per say, you still have to interact with a variety of people – your clients. And in this world, there are all kinds of people.  No matter [...]

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Growing Your Business Through Teaching Others

This is a very special guest post for me. I’ve known Danielle Lynn, The Clear Copywriter, for fourteen years now. And it was she, when I was at a particularly low point in my life, who told me to stop being an idiot and start making money off of what I’m good at: Writing. Danielle [...]

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Keeping Your Business Special

The following article is a guest post by Lauren Tharp of LittleZotz Writing. Enjoy!   The town I’m living in has ruined fireworks for me. Let me back up. In my hometown, we had a fireworks show once per year: On the Fourth of July (the United States’ Independence Day). And they were beautiful. I [...]

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What to do when you dont feel like writing

Right now, I’m resistant. I don’t know what I’m resistant to, but I’m resistant. In fact, I don’t feel like doing much of anything at all. I eyed my laptop for a good 30 minutes, trying to do ANYTHING but write on it. Heck I even started picking cat hair off the blanket of the [...]

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How Sales Copy and 5 Pixels Ruined a Site’s Sales

Wait, what?  Sales copy HURTING someone’s sales? Eh, it happens more often than you think. (Like say,  when people take a broad stroke approach with their sales copy,) Online leads are looking for just about any reason to abandon your page, what with our ADD-influenced trigger-happy surfing styles. So where are those 5 evil money-grubbing pixels [...]

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Unfinished products = profit!

What if I told you that instead of finishing that product you were working on, you should stop where you’re at right now, set up shop, and open your doors to paying members? Well a few weeks ago I would have been one of the first to say: “Buddy, you’re setting yourself up for disaster!” [...]

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How an 85 year old man gets people to pay $300 for an inch of raw fish

Learn how a master Sushi chef has become world renowned for following this one, simple tip for success.

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Why Every “Copywriting Formula” Sets You Up For Utter Failure

Are you a copywriter or are just you pretending to be a copywriter? “It’s not real art unless I say it is” – Every self-loathing community college art teacher in existence. When I took my first art class in college, I already had a good few years on most students.  I was never ‘trained’, but I [...]

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Shave Hours Off Your Next Copy Project

Getting geared up for your next copy project? Before you pick up your pen (or place those fingers on your keyboard) there’s one thing you should always do before you start working at your sales copy; write down the full list of benefits of whatever you’re writing about. If you’ve developed a good working knowledge [...]

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Why Headline Formulas Never Work

Headlines have a heavy job. They have to attract a reader’s darting eye long enough to (hopefully) get them to read the first line. If your headline doesn’t grab attention, well then they’ll never read the rest of your copy and you’ve lost a sale. But you already knew that! However – do you know [...]

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