Grammar Problems in Essays

Have you guys thought about writing in your discipline to that granular a level as far as style have you guys ever thought about that it’s okay if you haven’t most of us are just trying to slog through the day we’re trying to get to the day we’re trying to get our data the field we’re just trying to make it but I’m going to tell you that it makes it easier if as you’re reading these articles you’re also picking up style now at Fir are you pretending to write in the style are you appropriating it sure but eventually it becomes natural so when your professor comes back to you and says you’re not writing academically so because I hear that a lot of students will come to me and say my professor tells me that I’m not writing properly. Check out more plagiarism articles at

Well you look at it you go well no there are no grammar problems but you’re not writing as your professor expects you to be writing based on your discipline see what I’m saying okay so that’s just something you can do on a rainy day when you can’t go in the field and you have to read all those articles I say make an easy to reference guide for writing in your discipline even down to the verbs in psychology you’ll see the words argue claim but in life sciences you’re not going to see those verbs you’re going to see observed concluded okay even down to that you can make a list for yourself make it easy don’t make it hard you know I always think work smarter not harder right and then you’ll have time to go to parties again and have a better sense of humor now learn what constitutes common knowledge in your discipline super difficult super difficult common knowledge anybody in education okay.

I’m going to give you an example energy read okay you’re going to note what’s what is cited and what is not cited theories are always cited okay but in education there are a couple of theories I’m just going to pull a couple out for you and give you an example when we say when we use the term and education scaffolding we don’t usually cite it it’s common knowledge in the field and what that means is a student knows something and then you would lead them to the next point of knowing something next point it’s the distance between what he knows what he already knows and then bridging that gap right but there is a theory by Vygotsky the zone of proximal development that is always cited you’re never not going to see that cited it is a big theory okay it’s a big theory as a well-known theory and so everybody cites that theory okay why that happens I’m not sure I believe that scaffolding maybe wasn’t a separate you know it would come out of an article it was cited but I don’t know maybe it just became so commonplace such commonplace practice in education that it became generic like tissue like Kleenex and tissue right then instead of the Kleenex inside the Kleenex now it’s just you know regular old generic tissue I don’t know but the only way I would know that is by all the reading.

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