How To Run A Successful Business

3 ‘Secrets’ On How To Run A Successful Business.

People think there are always some sort of tricks or secrets to having a successful business.  Believe it or not, there are a few business practices that almost every successful business follows – but they’re not so secret.  In fact, I’m sharing them with you right here.

Always Practice Good Business Ethics.

Do you want to know the secret to long-lasting businesses?  Positive work ethic.  It’s not a joke.  I’ve seen some businesses spark up and  think they’re going to be on top forever selling a garbage product that they wouldn’t purchase themselves – then suddenly the public catches on, their profits drop, and their reputation is hamstrung.  Which brings us to the next topic.

Care about your customers, Care About The Quality Of Your Work.

Don’t think about the bottom line.  In fact, if all you’re focused on is the money, you’re likely not going to be earning very much over your business-lifetime.

When I meet a new client, I don’t focus on the money.  I focus on delivering the best writing I can to my clients.  Why?  There’s 2 strong reasons.

1) If I focus on doing the best job I can for the client, the client will make a lot of money, and I will have yet another success story about how my service works wonders (making myself more marketable)…


2) The client will make a lot more money, and guess who they’re going to hire to do all their future work? Don’t leech from your client.   Instead, form a symbiotic relationship with them.  Nurture them, grow their business, help them sell – and you will be well rewarded.

Don’t ever Sell, Promote, or Joint Venture with a Product or Company you don’t believe in.

Many copywriters before me have said don’t sell a product that you can’t back.  And that’s because it’s still true today.

There is an abundance of garbage on the market.  It comes in every shape and form, and every owner of said garbage is trying to exchange it with you for your money.  The problem with trying to promote something you don’t believe in is… well you wont do a good job.  Even if you do make an ‘awesome sales pitch’ or sell a few, you’ll likely end up not being very proud of your work… which is counterproductive to both your morale and your business.

So follow these simple steps and watch your company grow from a seedling into a strong, sturdy tree bearing many fruits!


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