Information To Pay Attention

Essay conclusion is about what makes this information valuable why should I pay attention to it you need to demonstrate why your idea matters within that conclusion you know think about you’ve written all of this you’ve had an audience follow you through it now what do they do with the information how are they supposed to take it why am I supposed to feel like this was an important read for me possible conclusion styles that you may want to consider the synthesis format a synthesis conclusion shows the readers how all the points fit together in a cohesive whole now that goes beyond summarizing because now you’re going to show how all these components come together and if we do all of these things here’s going to be the end result you also can make a proposal. Learn more about synthesis conclusion at Edusson.

And that’s to suggest a course of action a solution to correct or modify the behavior and this is easy if we’re writing a call to action paper you know and if the example that I gave you of needing the public transportation system that could be considered a call to action paper in a way I’m going to show you how dire how problematic our current system is we need something new and that makes it easier for us when we if we want to do this proposal format because in the paint and the conclusion we can just put a call to action here’s what you need to do you know call your Congress members call your Senators you call your local public transit of Transportation Authority and talk to them that would be a good example of that proposal another one is an anecdotal conclusion and we talked about anecdotes for an introduction but they can also be used for the conclusion because it can we can provide an anecdote that illustrates our thesis statement or show specific examples of the point I’m trying to make you know after we’ve gone through all these details then I may use an example to sort of emphasize the importance of what I’ve said you know if we do this then this may become the problem or this may not.

We can avoid this problem a conclusion at Menem should reiterate your thesis and it should answer those questions I mentioned earlier so what while your essay matters who cares and identifies replies the audience upon which your purpose focus is now that doesn’t mean you have to say in the conclusion my audience should be these people it just means that you know who the audience is and you know from that you know how to address them how to pull out their emotions how to show them the credibility that you needed to have shown in your essay to get them to do what you want them to do okay and and that happens often by just explaining why they should care about the topic it explains why the audience should take note of your essays argument so here are some points to remember the five paragraph essay model is not used in more advanced writing but it can be used as a framework for any essay.

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