Seo Versus Copywriting, What’s The Difference?

SEO and Copywriting Are Not The Same…

Greetings From The Little Green SEO Man!

When I started out as a copywriter way back when, I spent a good amount of my time pouring through all the copywriting books. I studied, I practiced, and finally when I figured I was ready, I set up shop and got my first customer.

I was pleased, I was eager, I was ready to do what it took to blow this project out of the water.

So what’s the first thing my client asked me? “Do you offer SEO Copywriting?”

I drew a blank. I asked him what he meant.

“You know, like Copywriting that’s SEO optimized?”

This would become a common question brought up by many future clients. And if you’re managing any part of your business online, this is going to come up for you at some point or another as well.

Now, before I continue with my story, let me clear up what these terms mean…

SEO Search Engine Optimization:

When you have a website, you want traffic to come to it. Traffic means people, people mean profit. Online, where Google rules, there are a few methods to get traffic to your site.

By far, the best long term strategy for getting traffic is to Optimize your page for search engines, the biggest one being Google. Google uses ‘spiders’ to crawl your webpage, picking up relevant information and then sorting your page based on that information. (There are many other factors to SEO, but we’ll not go into that today. ) Therefore, it’s a good idea to perform SEO on your pages.

Sum Up: SEO gets you online traffic to your website by ‘talking’ to search engine spiders


The art of using writing persuasively – usually to entice action from the reader. Copywriting is not “blaring ads’ nor does it have to be annoying sales-y writing. In fact, if you’re reading the writing of an expert copywriter, you may not even be aware that you’re being persuaded to take an action. Copywriting is used to reach people

Sum Up: Copywriting gets you leads and conversions through persuasive/subtle writing read by customers.

SEO Copywriting:

Copywriting that contains keywords and anchor text and other SEO goodies, so that search engine spiders and find it, bring traffic, and the traffic (customers) that read the writing will be compelled to take action.

Sum Up: SEO Copywriting contains keywords and keeps spiders in mind while still trying to persuade and compel readers

…Back to my story:

After I learned for myself what SEO copywriting was, I told him I could indeed provide that service – BUT, I recommended to him that he let me focus on the content first.

Simba Says “Don’t forget… content is King.”

Afterwards, I would go back and add the keywords in relevant ways. By doing this, I didn’t destroy or damage the content for the sake of traffic, and at the same time I optimized the material so he could properly place it for getting the most traffic!

He was so pleased with the way I handled the work, he had me revamp 3 other sites for him.


Oh, but this isn’t the end.  There’s more to this story.

Keep an eye out for continuation of this post – “Why You Should Never Hire An SEO To Do a Copywriter’s Job”

Talk to you soon,


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