The Difference Between Features and Benefits

If you’re writing sales copy, it’s important to know the difference between a feature and a benefit.

So what’s a ‘Feature’ and what’s a ‘Benefit’?

1) Features

Definition: A feature is a sentence that describes a part of a product or service.

Example: The Features of coffee mug.

  • The coffee mug is made of porcelain
  • It comes in many colors
  • It has a handle
  • It can hold 2 cups of liquid
  • It is Durable

Explanation: In most cases where people wrote their copy or content themselves, their sales pages are populated with features.  There’s nothing wrong with features, they’re important for informing customers.  But features will not sell even half as well as benefits do.  Let’s see what benefits are.

2) Benefits

Definition: A benefit is a sentence that sums up how a product/service will directly offer a user a solution.

Example: The Benefits of a coffee mug

  • The porcelain mug resists germs, so you can be sure your drink is Safe
  • Express your personality through one of the many available Colors
  • Convenient handle Prevents dropping and makes for Easy grip
  • Can Easily hold more than 2 cups of your food or drink
  • The Sturdy design makes it shatter proof ensuring this mug will last you a long time.
  • Get a lot More use out of your cup with it’s durable design

Explanation: As you can see, the benefits draw the person into the product.  Rather than looking at features passively, the benefits draw the customer right in, helping them picture themselves with the product and all the problems the product will solve for them.

When you want to inform, you list features; When you want to sell, you list benefits.

Turn your features into benefits by helping your customer visualize their problems being solved by your product or service.  People will actually read your ads and buy what you’re selling!


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